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Kerin Bellak-Adams 

Growing up as the daughter of the esteemed ADHD expert Dr. Leopold Bellak, my childhood was anything but common or boring. In fact, it was very challenging and fascinating.

Both my parents were brilliant and my mother (Sonya Bellak) went on to help my father throughout the years with his work. Often at the dinner table it was hard to understand what they were saying to each other sometimes because she liked to use "complicated" words she learned from years of doing crossword puzzles. She was a wonderful mother, enforcing and creating opportunities in which to explore our creativity and passions.

My father was never critical as a father and he was a wonderful role mode as he never gave up on himself or his two daughters. Reassurance was the "magic bullet" that was emphasized to both myself and my younger sister whenever we shared our struggles. Dinner time was for expressing our days to both parents, and as my father would often say "comparing notes.

The most important thing I learned from these two amazing people is to not do what they did. It was to have different approaches to parenting and expectations.  Easier said then done, but I learned this well. In fact, my workbook has an entire section on parenting to help both be on the same page!

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