- Kerin Bellak-Adams -

Founder of Reach Beyond ADD

Reach Beyond ADHD was founded in 2003.

Dr. Edward Hallowell inspired Kerin to begin her career at her first ADDCA conference in Phoenix Arizona when he introduced her as Dr. Leopold Bellak’s daughter to a large audience. Dr. Bellak was the pioneer in ADHD.

She has been an innovator in her field as recognizing that often undiagnosed issues such as Central Auditory Processing Disorder are an underlining symptom of ADHD. As a well known speaker and educator, she has given workshops to various schools and conferences.


The daughter of renowned psychoanalyst/pioneer in ADD and schizophrenia, (Dr. Leopold Bellak), Ms. Adams has often been compared to him in her drive, passion, and insights that help those coping with ADHD challenges. She has a vast range of experience in working with children and adults with ADHD.

Her dedication to helping others has earned her the respect of such experts in the field as Dr. Edward Hallowell, (author of Driven to Distraction) Dr. Russell Barkley, the late Dr. Stanley Greenspan, (Dyslexia specialist) and psychiatrists at the NY/NJ Child Study Center.


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