Mental Health Professionals

"Kerin Bellak-Adams, in the tradition of her illustrious father, Dr. Leopold Bellak, has brought theory down to earth in a practical workbook for children and adolescents with AD/HD and their parents. The workbook combines inspirational and motivational quotes that support the attitude of persistence and courage towards learning and behavioral issues. These plus the stress-free exercises help youngsters to focus their attention to achieve on-going success in whatever they do both in school and at home and thereby raise and maintain their self-esteem."
Daniel Benveniste, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
San Francisco, CA

"An excellent and practical workbook developed out of years of experience and caring. I highly recommend this workbook."
Edward Hallowell, M.D.
Author of  
Driven To Disctraction & Answers To Distraction

"Finally, a book FOR the kids! One that they can really use to boost their self-esteem, along with good information for their parents to help them understand also. It is just like having your own portable support group -- take it with you, and read and write when you feel as though [you] need an ego boost. An easy-to-read book for everyone: parents, teachers, students -- it goes a long way in advocating understanding of ADHD -- what it is, and what it is NOT!!!!"
Theresa C. Cavanaugh, LDT-C
President, Learning Disabilities Association of NJ

"Thank you so much for developing a psychological means of helping young people find and keep their focus!
With appreciation"

Dr. John McGovern
Clinical Psychologist
Madison, NJ


"Your book is great for students!"
Research Press Publishers

"We just received your wonderful AD/HD Workbook! It is indeed very unusual, and we will be putting it into our library! Thank you so much!"

Joanna Stanczak
Chief Production and International Co-operation Officer
Psychological Test Laboratory
Warszawa, Poland 


"This workbook was so helpful in developing inner values and goals with my elementary school population. For small/large group settings the topics are very relative to our student population and work as a great tool in initiating group topics. For teachers and counselors alike this is a wonderful tool to allow for a greater understanding of students."
Jinna Doshi
Windsor Academy, West Paterson N.J.

"AD/HD Success! is a wonderful workbook that we at Neve Ruchama Academy, Jerusalem Israel are very excited to use in our upcoming pilot study. 

This pilot program address students and parents on issues with AD/HD. This book will help to train our teachers how to spot symptoms of AD/HD as well at large.   

Neve Ruchama Academy, Jerusalem Israel

"I bought your ADHD book and...I enjoyed reading through it. The format is simple to use and looks like it will be effective for certain students. I liked the effort on the part of the child to complete the Diary Pages."

Mrs. Greenberg
Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, OH

"I think that this book is wonderful and can really address a lot of the 'gaps' in many other similar workbooks in that it is so simple yet so grounded in research/theory."
Vicki Comerchero, Ph.D.
Touro College, NY, NY
Graduate School of Psychology


"This workbook really has helped my 12 year old son focus!!"
Debbie Spier
Cedarhust Long Island


"This is an ongoing thing within my home. I have a 9 and 10 year old that are ADHD and a 6 year old that is ADHD/ODD. The biggest problem I've seen is the lack of knowledge within the school system for these children. People are uneducated on how this really works...

This workbook focus' on the diary method. You can make copies of appropriate pages and have your child{ren} fill them out. This helps them to determine their feelings and how they are coping with things. This also allows parents to see progress and frustrations and be able to speak freely about them with their children. You can also tell what methods are working.

This book contains age appropriate diary pages, with a variety of options in each age ranking... There is also a feelings rating log if needed. You can pick and choose with your child what areas you want to focus on. Then, when those are complete, go back to others... 

There are encouraging phrases every page or so as well as several success stories included in the back of the book.

Is this all the information you need as an ADHD parent? No. But this is a great helper and if used in a *wanting to know way* this can open many door to you being able to further help your child."
Review posted on BarnesAndNoble.com