Kerin's Motto:

There are simple solutions for complicated problems.

Kerin, you were very helpful in helping my 16 year old with organizational skills... You also provided me with the ability to be a good advocate for her in high school, after years of unsuccessful attempts, for which I am very grateful… You really go the extra mile.
Mrs. O'Neill - Bergen County, NJ

You really made a huge difference in helping me organize my 12 year old's room and my son's room. Now they have much easier access to what is most important for them to find easily and quickly, which helps with their backpacks, getting their homework done, and having everything ready for the next day for school.
Debbie S - Passaic County, NJ

Parents are you fed up with your kids rooms, and how they can’t find what they need in order to complete their homework? Do they carry around their backpacks all day long  stuffed with papers from months ago? Do  they sometimes miss a day of school, and don’t know what to do?

Coach Kerin is here to help! She can come to your home, and offer quick and easy
  • Let's find a creative way to organize and de-clutter your room
  • Organize supplies/desks/any filing system
  • Develop a simple creative way to have papers somewhere that need signing, completed work, and work that must be returned to the teacher.
  • Lets think of a way to avoid carrying heavy knapsacks in the future
  • Create a system to keep track of test dates, and due dates 
  • Find a home for your knapsack/lunch before racing off to school

  Teen and Child Coaching
  • Boosting Self-Esteem
  • Child and Teen advocating skill sets
  • Emotional Regulation using visual aids
  • The "Drifting Tree" - tracking distraction and getting immediately focused!

Some coaching services may be rendered as a business expenses, such as organizational coaching for businesses or home offices.