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AD/HD Success! is a hands-on, comprehensive resource for parents, children and teens, designed to boost self-esteem by positively and enthusiastically reinforcing what kids do right naturally in everyday life. Once self-esteem has been developed and maintained, children will focus on their interests and become aware of their untapped strengths—and this can be used as a baseline for growth.

This practical workbook is full of non-technical questions, prompts, strategies, and gentle assessments that include some parent involvement. It features 52 reproducible diary pages, parent and child questionnaires, self-esteem logs and scales, an AD/HD overview, and much more. Parents will find valuable information, guidance, and insights that will enhance communication for the whole family. In addition, school-based professionals will find guidance and applicable assignments for assisting students who are dealing with AD/HD.

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  • The must-know basics of AD/HD

  • The four practical steps to boosting self-esteem
  • More than 50 reproducible diary pages, inquisitive prompts, and “feelings” logs
  • An online home/school daily accountability sheet
  • Maintaining self-esteem, behavioral growth such as awareness of organization, time-management and social skills
  • Results-oriented activities for parents and caregivers that encourage constructive, positive actions
  • Solutions for parents and teachers to improve communication skills and work toward a common goal
  • Practical applications for teachers, school psychologists, and clinical practitioners on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting
  • AD/HD success stories and role models
  • And much more!

Articles Written By

- Kerin Adams -

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  • Attention Deficit in Adults, by Lynee Weiss
  • The ADD Nutrition Solution, by Marcia Zimmerman

For Parents:

  • Answers to Distraction, by Edward Hallowell, MD
  • Overcoming Dyslexia, by Sally Shaywitz
  • Only a Mother Could Love Him, by Ben Polis
  • All Kinds of Minds, Ready or Not, Here Life Comes, by Mel Levine
  • Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities at Home, by Pamela Tanguay
  • Teaching your Child the Language of Social Success, by Duke, Nowicki, and Martin
  • Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman